A recent survey has shown why switching to topical prescription creams can greatly benefit those who are addicted to opiods and other narcotics.




The survey conducted in 2013 by the Patient Outcomes Analytics (POA) interviewed 3,600 chronic pain sufferers.  By simply applying the cream directly to the site of their pain, researchers found the cream to deliver pain relief without the need of opiods or narcotics.   The results showed that more than 83 percent of the patient’s pain had eased significantly, reporting an average pain reduction of 57 percent!

These results can greatly improve the populations current addiction to prescription pain medications.  With over 100 million Americans with chronic pain, the drug abuse epidemic will rise.   Since 1999, the FDA reported a quadrupling rate of deaths from narcotic painkillers, or opiods.  Today, about three-quarters of drug overdose deaths in the United States is due to narcotics or opiods.  In addition, the cost of pain killers have effected our economy and our wallets negatively.  A study in 2011 reported an estimated total societal cost of opiod abuse at $55.7 billion!

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