Dr. Hughes is God-Sent

I am going to write my whole journey, but for the ones who want a quick answer on whether Dr. Hughes is a good doctor or not, the answer is: HE IS THE BEST DOCTOR I HAVE EVER  ENCOUNTERED! Long story short, he helped me get a handle on my endometriosis and he helped me so much so that I didn’t have to get a second surgery which would possibly entail a hysterectomy.

I have both a TBI and severe endometriosis. I have yet to embark on my TBI-healing journey due to financial constrains at this time. But Dr. Hughes helped me heal from endometriosis. Here is my story: I always had painful periods, since I started them at the age of 16. I would bleed for 2 weeks (heavily) and then not be on my cycle for 2 weeks. This went on until I was about 22. Then they went down to 7-9 days of heavy bleeding, leg and stomach cramps, pain all over my body and severe mood swings. Every time I would talk about this with a doctor, the answer would be: this is normal. Welcome to womanhood.

In 2017 I was in a bad car accident where I sustained a very bad brain injury. I had to re learn how to walk, talk, and do anything we consider ‘automatic and basic’. My perseverance saved me, and my will to get better pushed me to continue to improve and get back on track. But nonetheless, I had my issues and symptoms. Because of the overall inflammation in my body, new things started popping up, one of them being really bad periods all voer again (worse than what they already were). At the end of 2019, I went in for a pap smear due to severe pain I was feeling, and the results came back abnormal. I got an ultrasound, and it showed that I had masses on both ovaries. They put me on birth control to monitor them, and that made me bleed for 1.5 months and the pain was worse than ever. I went to see a second gynecologist, and he confirmed that the masses weere growing exponentially and that I needed surgery to remove them and to assess whether I had endometriosis or not. I went through surgery in March of 2020 and the mass on my left ovary was about 6 inches. The gynecologist was very skilled and was able to save my ovary and remove the endometriosis that was in my uterus, ovaries, intestine and bladder. I felt like I was on top of the world for about 3 months and then daily migraines began. I went to my normal doctor, but they blamed my TBI. I kept asking to get my hormones checked as I felt like the migraines had to do with the surgery I just had and me being a sensitive person, and very intuned with my body, I felt like that was were the problem was stemming from. I got dismissed over and over again and kept being given more and more pharmaceuticals. Out of desperation, I was taking everything they told me to take in hopes that I would one day wake up and not have a raging migraine. But that never happened. My stomach started hurting very badly again so the doctor prescribed a CT scan. The scan showed that my stomach was fine, but I had masses on my ovaries again and this time they were bigger. I called my OBGYN and he suggested waiting a couple of months to see if they would shrink on their own, to see if the pain would go away, but he suggested that endometriosis was probably back and I would need surgery. But since my ovaries were already smaller than they were supposed to be (due to surgery), and because of the fact that it all came back so quickly, he said I would probably need a second surgery and this time there was no saving my ovaries and possible hysterectomy (I am 30 years old and would love to be able to carry children of my own). This killed me. It terrified me. I started reaching out to people and a good friend recommended Dr. Hughes. I called, scheduled an appointment, talked about both my endo, my TBI and infertility problems. We decided to tackle one thing at a time, starting from my endo and infertility. He put me on a protocol which for three months. After three months, I scheduled an appointment with my OBGYN. Mind that I was still in pain the first month, but my period was more manageable, and my migraines started to lessen. By the end of month three, I didn’t feel pain anymore and couldn’t feel lumps on my lower abdomen. I went to see my OBGYN, and before we even did the ultrasound he looked at me and said: “You know that we probably will need to schedule surgery because it’s been 4 months already”, to which I responded: ” Possibly, but let’s see what is going on in there”. RESULTS: My ovaries looked great! (last time we checked we couldn’t even see my left ovary), the endmotriomas were GONE!!!! completely GONE! no sign of them whatsover!!!!!!!!! He looked at me and said: “I don’t know what you are doing, but whatever that is, keep doing it. I never saw this before, and happy birthday ( Since ym 30th birthday was 3 days after).

THIS NEWS MADE ME CRY OF JOY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!!!! I get to keep all my organs, my pain level is gone, my periods are pretty much unnoticeable, and my migraines are waaaaay better!!!!!!!


I am looking forward to continue to work with Dr. Hughes to try and have a baby and also to work on my TBI and see if I can get back to feeling 100 percent!!!!

I am truly forever grateful and feel so blessed for this doctor!!! To all my endo warrior sisters, if you are ready to have a doctor who will help you, listen to you, and validate what you are going through, give this man a call and schedule an appointment! – Jessie, Basalt, CO

Dr. Hughes worked on me two weeks ago. I was able to get in the car on that following Wednesday and race successfully. It was beyond incredible! My shoulder feels better now than it has for several years. It seems like I have full range again without any restrictions and restricted feelings. –Race Car Driver

I’m a disabled Vietnam Veteran and I have full medical care at the VA Hospital but they are not able to do what Dr. Hughes has been able to accomplish. He’s been able to reduce my pain medication by seventy five percent and the shots that he has given me in my lower back, due to degenerative disc disease, have increased my way of life. This last Thursday, the third of January, Dr. Hughes wanted to do the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) procedure on my back. I have to admit I was very hesitant at first but now that I have had the procedure with the plasma injected into my discs I would not consider going back to the old way. For the first time, my time down from the procedure has only taken one day compared to three and immediate relief in my lower back. – Mike- Aspen, CO

After working with multiple doctors who could only manage my chronic neck pain, it was a relief to find Dr. Hughes and his unique approach to healing. He addresses the root cause of pain and has helped strengthen and heal my neck from the inside out. Thank you, Dr. Hughes.-  Gretchen- Washington, D.C.

Dr. Hughes helped heal my shoulder with ultra sound guided injections. He improved my performance with as little down time as possible. He understands the importance of speedy recovery. Let me know if you want more than that. – Lucas- Aspen, CO

I can’t believe I’m snowboarding and skating already! I had intense knee pain that kept me from my sports and sleeping for months. I was told the only way to fix it was to have surgery. Lucky for me, a friend recommended Dr. Hughes for another opinion. His confidence encouraged me and three days after my first session with him I began sleeping through the night and skating again without pain. Thanks again Dr. Hughes.-  Chris- Carbondale, CO

Dr. Hughes’ hands are like a drug!  Osteopathic treatment with him is the best high ever!  – Linda- Basalt, CO

I lost mobility, use, and strength in my left shoulder for about a year.  With the help of Dr. John Hughes, D.O. and David Nickamin, (L.M..T)., I am now back to almost 100%. – Gil L.- Carbondale, CO

Dave Nickamin is a gift. His knowledge of the body and intuition on what it needs is remarkable. Thank you Dave for helping me through 4 hip surgeries and giving me the relief I need to heal.–Denise L.- Basalt, CO

Adam is very gifted and talented.  I have been working as a Massage Therapist for 12 years, and have taken numerous classes in the field, including Europe and Mauii, but Adam’s work is truly exceptional.  I am so much looking forward to coming back…
– Brigitte- Camden, Maine

Working with Adam is a pleasure. My body responded well to Rolfing. With each session I felt and immediate change in my posture and an improvement in my balance. It has been many months since the 10th session and it is well the time and money. I highly recommend Rolfing with Adam. –  Kathy- Basalt, Colorado

I have immeasurable gratitude for the work of David Nickamin. It might sound far-fetched to call him a master of the art, but it is not. Dave is trained in multiple techniques, and he incorporates many of them into his craft; however, it is his keen intuitive abilities that set his work apart. Each treatment is approached with a feeling of freshness and discernment, and his non-judgmental attitude and gracious ease allow for optimal healing. David’s work has deeply benefited me on so many levels, from the physical, to the energetic, and even to my soul. David also works regularly on my three sons who engage in high-level competitive sports. These sessions contribute greatly to my boys’ ability to “keep going” amidst much pressure, not to mention the invaluable therapeutic support of David’s treatments when they have sustained injury. The beauty of David’s work is that he meets you exactly where you are. –  Jen- Basalt, Colorado

Adam Nickamin is a natural healer. Although he calls what he does Rolfing; it is actually pain free, but the results are amazing. I work out like a demon and am “a women of a certain age;” as the French so kindly express it. That combination requires some body work and Adam keeps me fine-tuned like someone 1/2 my age. I am very grateful for Adam Nickamin.” –  Lynda- Beverly Hills, California

All that Dr. John Hughes told me to do before and after my mastectomy made me heal faster and make my body stronger. People could not believe I bounced back from this massive surgery so fast. – Virginia- Grand Junction, CO

I want to thank Dr. Hughes for several things that have helped me both physically and mentally. I had with cancer, osteoporosis, degenerative bone disease, degenerative nervous system, and arthritis in my neck, lower back and knees. The compassion that you have surpasses any other I have encountered. – Mike- Aspen, CO

David is a versatile, intuitive, and thoroughly effective massage therapist. He has brought relief to my husband, my three sons, and to me. My husband respectfully refers to him as “the tractor” for his ability to get into his shoulders. My oldest son loves that David can free up his neck and back when it gets “jacked,” and my two teen-age sons appreciate that he can keep their bodies in tune for year-round skiing and athletics. I am grateful for his naturalness and ease that encourages deep relaxation and restoration. My family and I are blessed to know David and to have his healing capabilities contribute to both maintaining our well-being and supporting our health recovery. – Jennifer- Carbondale, CO