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Excerpts from Author Joann Stauguards- Jones book

The Vital Psoas Muscle8567_the-vital-psoas-muscle


The core area of our bodies is made up of a group of muscles that girdle the spine to hold it in balance. The Psoas Major is one of these muscles. With all these muscles helping, the Psoas major can be free to perform a most significant function: integral connection. The best alignment in movement is the neutral spine, where the natural curves balance each other and allow the muscles to lithely do their jobs.

Sometimes called the “mighty psoas,” it is the most important skeletal muscle in the human body, as it is the only muscle that connects the upper extremity to the lower extremity (the spine to the legs). The muscle is also located near the body’s center of gravity, so its role becomes that of regulating balance, and affecting nerve and subtle energies as well.


The Psoas and Emotions

Emotions are the human response to nature, and in some ways protect us from harm. When we are fearful we protect ourselves from either physical or psychological risk. If fear is extreme, it can become destructive. These feelings are harbored in the brain and linked to survival. They are part of the brain’s connection with the nervous system, which links with the Psoas.

There is a “plethora of slightly inaccurate information out there” (Quoted from a master Kundalini teacher) as the fields of exercise , yoga, and meditation constantly evolve  and integrate.  Hopefully this text has explained it in a most sincere and simple way, without attention to any particular school of thought.


*Yoga postures connect the body to the mind.

*Breathing connects the mind and the body to the unconscious.

*Meditation connects the person to the universe.

*The Psoas major  connects the upper body to the lower body, linking breath to movement , feelings, energy, and healing.


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