(NaturalNews) In Switzerland, health insurance plans are on the cusp of covering homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, holistic care and traditional Chinese medicine. In 2009, two-thirds of the Swiss spoke out in favor of incorporating these important and long suppressed healthcare strategies into their healthcare system. By May 2017, all these great healthcare methods will be included in Switzerland’s constitutional list of paid health services.

Will health insurance plans around the world begin competing to incorporate holistic healthcare strategies?

Health insurance plans have long been used to cover the costs of only interventions and drugs, encouraging system dependency. If more of these payment plans started covering preventative medicine and holistic approaches, pharmaceutical drug use and medical interventions would be drastically reduced, thus lowering the cost of healthcare for all. Could Switzerland’s powerful change in health insurance coverage be the beginning of a healthy future for millions?

For far too long, people have been left in the dark about the array of healing molecules in plant-based extracts. The only “medicines” that get studied and legitimized as “scientific,” are the synthetic creations of drug inventors. Even though these synthetic arrangements don’t work in harmony with the body’s natural systems, they are perpetually pumped out and capitalized on.

If patients were treated as individuals and healthcare providers approached each situation holistically, then perhaps patient health could be restored as a whole. By understanding nutrition utilization and putting it to work in an individual’s body, healthcare professionals could prevent the use of high cost interventions that don’t always work for cancer and other diseases. By understanding the signs of nutritional imbalances, healthcare systems could respond by helping patientsincorporate the right whole foods into their diets instead of prescribing them pills to suppress the body’s natural communication.

What if health insurance plans started covering gym memberships, encouraging people to take action to activate their bodies’ lymph systems, an important part of maintaining immunity to disease?

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