“Whenever there is a significant loss of soft tissue due to trauma, disease or surgery, only a regenerative medicine approach can help the body replace what was lost.  ACell Vet’s extracellular matrix (ECM) is comprised of a combination of multiple growth factors and multiple types of collagen known to promote tissue regeneration while reducing scarring and the pain associated with inflammation.

This Regenerative Medicine approach is used in abdominal surgeries, burn patients, eye injuries, joint arthritis, dentistry, severe tissue wounds, bladder reconstruction, orthopedic surgery and bone fracture healing.

Extracellualar matrix (ECM) changes the healing process and promotes normal site specific tissue, restoring normal function.  The extensive science behind ECM technology can be easily understood and opens new treatment options for an extensive range of veterinary medical conditions.  The extracellular matrix has anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties.  Additionally, the ECM has the amazing ability to regenerate different tissue types.

The regenerative potential of ACell Vet’s ECM technology has been publicized through extensive media coverage on 60 Minutes, Oprah, Fox News, and others.  Over 170 peer reviewed papers have been published on this technology.

How does the healing process change?

ACell Vet’s ECM products fundamentally change healing by triggering abundant new blood vessel formation while recruiting numerous cell types to the wound site.  These cells, including progenitor-like cells, have the potential to differentiate, organize and develop into the numerous types of site specific tissues needed to repair the injured organ.

During the healing process, the ACell Vet ECM product acts as a temporary scaffold to assist in cell migration, differentiation and maturation.  Beneficial growth factors are gradually released by the ECM scaffold as it degrades until the scaffold is completely replaced by new functional tissue.  Now, even in the most difficult of cases, repairing damaged or lost tissues can be accomplished with predictable results.”

Resource: http://www.aboiteanimalhospital.com/index.php/services/regenerative-medicine.html