Peptide Therapy



    • Klotho is an anti-aging single-pass membrane protein predominantly produced in the kidney, with shedding of the amino-terminal extracellular domain into the systemic circulation. Circulating levels of soluble Klotho decrease with age, and the klotho gene is associated with increased risk of age-related diseases.


      • Anti-aging
      • Anti-inflammatory
      • Skin regeneration
      • Energy Function
      • Nervous system repair
      • Brain neural pathway regeneration
      • Diminishes epigenetic disease expression
      • Longevity of life
      • Tumor reduction
      • Lowers blood pressure
      • Weight reduction
      • Kidney repair
      • Reduces neurodegenerative disease
      • And more…


    • $1,250 a month or $3,300 for three months bought upfront.


    • Reconstitution instructions will be in the package and happy to speak to each client on how to do this
    • 1M injection 3 x a week for 3 months
    • 1 month off
    • Maintenance program: 1 M a week for 3 months