Regenesis VIP Membership

What You Get:

  • Metabolic testing that includes VO2 max and 23 other biomarkers, including biological age
  • Sophisticated blood and urine screening for cardiovascular, metabolic, and brain health plus nutritional deficiencies
  • Urine screening for heavy metals and other environmental toxins, including glyphosate testing
  • Functional brain qEEEG scan to assess brain health
  • Precancer screening test with Galleri
  • Epigenetic testing for disease risk, telomere length, and aging
  • Stool testing for microbiome assessment
  • Comprehensive medical assessment of your overall wellness and disease risk
  • Functional medicine treatment with oral and IV nutrition, ozone, and chelation (as needed) for restored energy, immunity, and cardiovascular wellness
  • Regenerative medical treatment for body and brain health with Bioactive, oxygenated plasma and Peripheral Blood Stem Cells
  • Concierge medical care at your fingertips ready to field your medical questions, order labs, or imaging–wherever you land


Includes the Comprehensive Longevity program plus the following:        

  • Physician or Nurse Practitioner Consultation, Treatment plan, and Concierge Care – Initial in-person visit, then by email or phone as needed for 6 months
  • Peripheral blood Stem Cells ( with bioactive Superoxidated plasma (Platelet Rich Plasma – Intranasal, intravenous, or musculoskeletal for brain and body health
  • Rapamycin Therapy x 6 months (if indicated)
  • Cutting Edge Longevity Supplements x 6 months: Including NMN, jiaogulan, anatabloc
  • Repeat WAVi scan
  • Repeat PNOE testing
  • Repeat Blood Lab testing (relevant labs)

Renegesis VIP Package: $34K

regenesis exercise aspen

Optional Add-ons:

  • PNOE 23 – Biological age, VO2 Max, metabolic rate, and performance analysis (23 biomarkers total) – repeat
  • WAVi Brain Scan – EEG technology- repeat
  • Blood Lab profile repeat testing
  • IV Nutrition or Chelation or Ozone (including IV Detox or NAD+ therapy)
  • Intranasal Insulin x 10 treatments
  • Cardiac Calcium Scoring (Compass Imaging) 
  • Carotid IMT Testing (Compass Imaging)