Regenerative Injection and Infusion Package

What You Get:

  • Heal from sports injuries or arthritis without surgery!
  • Skilled and sophisticated osteopathic diagnosis and regenerative treatment to address ligament, tendon, or cartilage damage
  • MRI, Xray, and ultrasound are used to get the most accurate understanding of the source of your back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, pelvis, hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain
  • Manual therapy plus regenerative injection treatments of BioActive Plasma and/or Peripheral Blood Stem Cells precisely injected at source of injury
  • For brain enhancement and healing, BioActive Plasma and/or Peripheral Blood Stem Cells delivered intranasally for concussion, early dementia, or just cognitive and mood boost


Regenerative Injection Package involves the following:

  • Osteopathic physician consultation with review of imaging (including MRI, ultrasound, or functional qEEG imaging-for brain)
  • Osteopathic manual diagnosis and treatment, IV blood draw to harvest and create ozonated, bioactive plasma (including platelet poor plasma, platelet rich plasma, cytokines, and peripheral blood stem cells–activated by ozone, dextrose, magnesium, ascorbate)
  • IV Myers nutrient infusion including glutathione (plus IV plasma-for brain conditions)
  • Injection/ infusion therapy therapy of super-oxygenated, bioactive plasma to affected injury or arthritic areas (using appropriate local anesthetic and ultrasound guidance-if needed)
  • Injection/intranasal infusion therapy therapy of super-oxygenated, bioactive plasma with peripheral blood stem cells


Bioactive, Ozonated Plasma Injections or Infusions = $3K, per area


Bioactive, Ozonated Plasma plus Peripheral Blood Stem Cells = $9K, per area


Recommended Add-ons:

  • Bodywork with Mark Henderson, LMT (970-366-1886) or Cara Mishan (518-788-0768)
  • Shockwave and ultrasound imaging for musculoskeletal injury with Dr. Eric Haynie (970-544-1995)
  • WAVi Brain Scan – EEG technology
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the Colorado Center Center for Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Stem Cell Supplement Protocol
    • Stem Xcell x 1 bottle
    • E3 Live x 1 bottle
    • Elk Antler x 2 bottles
  • Core supplement protocol
    • Two-Per Day (Life Extension) x 3 bottles
    • Ultimate Detox x 2 bottles
    • Perfect Amino or Powermeal (Bodyhealth)
    • Extreme Hydration Formula x 3 packs
    • Trace Minerals x 2 bottle