Core Wellness

What You Get:

  • Metabolic testing that includes VO2 max and 23 other biomarkers, including biological age
  • Sophisticated blood and urine screening for cardiovascular, metabolic, brain health and nutritional deficiencies
  • Urine screening for heavy metals and other environmental toxins
  • Comprehensive medical assessment of your overall wellness and disease risk
  • Treatment plan that includes oral and IV nutrition, ozone, and chelation (as needed) for restored energy, immunity, and wellness
  • Concierge medical care at your fingertips ready to field your medical questions, order labs, or imaging–wherever you land



  • Physician or Nurse Practitioner Consultation, Treatment plan, and Concierge Care – Initial in-person visit, then by email or phone as needed for 3 months
  • IV Nutrition or Chelation or Ozone (MAH) x 8 treatments
  • Rapamycin Therapy x 3 months (if indicated)
  • Core supplement protocol
    • Two-Per Day (Life Extension) x 3 bottles
    • Ultimate Detox x 2 bottles
    • Perfect Amino or Powermeal (Bodyhealth)
    • Extreme Hydration Formula x 3 packs
    • Trace Minerals x 2 bottles

Core Wellness Package: $13K

Recommended Add-ons: