IV Nutrition and Wellness Package

(For Immune, Detox, and Recovery)

What You Get:

  • Recovery from last night’s binge or long-term debilitation
  • Hydration, oxygenation, nutrition, and detox
  • A body and mind free from the baggage, toxins, and waste
  • An immune system boost that drives you further
  • A renewed sense of vitality and energy levels at the core

Assessments and Treatments

  • Physician or Nurse practitioner consultation with review of labs and charts and treatment plan
  • IV Infusions of NAD+, Myer’s nutrients (B-vitamins and minerals), Antioxidants (alpha-lipoic acid, glutathione, vitamin C), EDTA chelation, or ozone (as minor autohemotherapy or hyperbaric ozone–10 pass therapy)
  • Nurse practitioner concierge availability–for tailored IV treatment plan and for assessment

IV Nutrition Package:  $5K

Option of one of the following:

– Ten nutritional, chelation, or ozone (as MAH) IV treatments

Six 10-pass ozone treatments

Four EBOO treatments

Note: Package IV treatments may be shared with a partner, family member, or friend.

A La Carte IV Therapy: 

  • IV Vit C  30,000mg with minerals and B vitamins  $ 500
  • IV Ozone (Major Autohemotherapy) $350, with Myers B vitamins and glutathione as push, add $150
  • IV Ozone (10 Pass) $750
  • IV Ozone (EBOO) $1500
  • IV Antioxidants and Chelation (includes Myer’s Nutrients, Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid) $ 400, add 100mg NAD+ for $100
  • IV NAD+  100 mg /$100  (minimum 200mg–add Myer’s nutrients for $250 more)
  • IM NAD+ 100 grams/$50 (max 200 grams given at one time)
  • IM B12 5000mcg/ $50
blueberries for autoimmune and gut wellness

Recommended Add-Ons: