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About Regenesis

Regenesis is for all who seek to optimize health, fitness, beauty, and longevity. Unlike most mainstream insurance, Regenesis engages regenerative, functional medicine, concierge, and wellness practitioners to help you feel good, stay fitter, move smoothly, and live longer–without unnecessary pharmaceutical medications and surgeries.

The Regenesis network and its comprehensive approach to optimal health stands out as one-of-a-kind in the Aspen community as it has no equal. It is the Aspen Idea. Regenesis is excellence in mind, body, and spirit.

Why Choose Regenesis?


Optimize Health

With multiple providers overseeing your care, rest assured you will be guided to achieving your best.


Maximize Longevity

Quickly identify what is holding you back and increase wellness the natural way.


Enhance Regeneration

Discover optimal health with proven treatments aimed to acutally regenerate your cells.

Regenesis Concierge Benefits

Regenesis concierge members receive a hands-on approach to wellness that includes the following therapies:

Concierge Medical Consultation

Includes unlimited concierge medical consultations with a functional medicine MD to oversee long-term wellness

In-Network Providers

If you have a provider out-of-network you would like to use, please visit our out-of-network payout for this service.

Supplement Protocol

Includes a 3-month tailored nutritional supplement protocol aimed to detox, heal, and boost your nutrition

In-Network Providers

If you have a provider out-of-network you would like to use, please visit our out-of-network payout for this service.

Health Tracker

Includes one Oura Ring and monthly membership to monitor your sleep, activity levels, temperature trends, stress, heart rate, and more

In-Network Providers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Regenesis?

Regenesis is a membership plan aimed to optimize health, longevity, and regeneration. Regenesis differs from regular medical insurance because the purpose of  Regenesis is optimal wellness rather than disease management.

Regenesis is only for select members of the Aspen community and limited to 200 members per year.

What is the cost of this package?

The cost of the Regenesis Concierge plan is $13,000. Payment is due up front and we do not accept insurance for this plan. Members have up to one year to utilize benefits.

What if I want to go to a different provider for these services?

Please view the in-network providers for each service.

Who do I call to schedule?

You must first contact Aspen Integrative Medicine to become a member at 970-927-0308. You will then be provided with an online account where you can access scheduling information for each benefit.

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