Seek safer treatments than meds that induce self-harm, violence, suicide and dementia. [image: Dr. Mercola] <,1c22a396,1c622964&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803> —————————— [image: Curcumin Advanced 90 Day Supply] <,1c22a396,1c622965&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803> This Spice Crosses Your Blood-Brain Barrier to Offer Brain Health Support <,1c22a396,1c622966&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803>
Not very many nutrients can cross the blood-brain barrier, so this unique capability makes this nutrient especially valuable for its potential for protecting brain cells and supporting optimal brain function. Learn why most forms are next to worthless and how technology has taken this substance to a whole new level.
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[image: Ketofast] <,1c22a396,1c622968>
Your Thursday Articles
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[image: antidepressants health risks] <,1c22a396,1c62296a&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803>
It’s a Brain-Crushing Toxin, Why Is It so Popular? <,1c22a396,1c62296b&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803>
True, the precipitating condition is serious. But there are far better ways to treat it than with meds that induce self-harm, violence, suicides, dementia and more. Why do doctors routinely prescribe it? That’s anyone’s guess, but this new study gives a major hint.
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[image: new federal approval for postpartum depression pill] <,1c22a396,1c62296d&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803>
New Federal Approval for Postpartum Depression Pill <,1c22a396,1c62296e&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803>
A new medication to treat postpartum depression has been approved, but it comes along with major downsides, including serious side effects, a hefty price tag and a 60-hour intravenous administration. Other strategies for improving postpartum depression symptoms exist and may be preferable for a large number of women.
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[image: mulberry] <,1c22a396,1c622970&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803>
Mulberry: Good for Silkworms, but May Benefit You as Well <,1c22a396,1c622971&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803>
Mulberry is primarily known as the main food source for silkworms, but did you know you can use it as an herb, too? Read this article to know more about its various uses and health benefits.
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[image: Fermented Black Garlic] <,1c22a396,1c622974&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803>
When Considering a Garlic Supplement, Look at the SAC Content <,1c22a396,1c622975&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803>
My Fermented Black Garlic helps maintain blood pressure levels already in the normal range, goes through a unique, double fermentation process and employs freeze-drying to ensure top-quality, consistent SAC in every serving.
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Must-Read Article
[image: sarcoidosis] <,1c22a396,1c622977&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803>
What Is Sarcoidosis and How Does It Affect You? <,1c22a396,1c622978&et_cid=DM278363&et_rid=582921803>
60K Page Views
Learn more about sarcoidosis, its symptoms, causes and the different effective sarcoidosis treatment options you can try.
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