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I’m a disabled Vietnam Veteran and I have full medical care at the VA Hospital but they are not able to do what Dr. Hughes has been able to accomplish. He’s been able to reduce my pain medication by seventy five percent and the shots that he has given me in my lower back, due to degenerative disc disease, have increased my way of life. This last Thursday, the third of January, Dr. Hughes wanted to do the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) procedure on my back. I have to admit I was very hesitant at first but now that I have had the procedure with the plasma injected into my discs I would not consider going back to the old way. For the first time, my time down from the procedure has only taken one day compared to three and immediate relief in my lower back.* Mike - Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Dr. Hughes’ hands are like a drug!  Osteopathic treatment with him is the best high ever!* Linda - Basalt, Colorado

Dr. Hughes worked on me two weeks ago. I was able to get in the car on that following Wednesday and race successfully. It was beyond incredible! My shoulder feels better now than it has for several years. It seems like I have full range again without any restrictions and restricted feelings.* Professional Race Car Driver

Dr. Hughes helped heal my shoulder with ultrasound guided injections. He improved my performance with as little down time as possible. He understands the importance of speedy recovery.* Lucas - Aspen, Colorado

After suffering from debilitating hip pain for about a year, I had x-rays that showed I needed a hip replacement.  I chose instead, to go see Dr. Hughes at Aspen Integrative Medicine.  After talking with Dr. Hughes in which he answered all my questions and explained the procedure to me, I set up an appointment with him. He and his staff are very friendly and made me feel relaxed and comfortable.  Dr. Hughes injected PRP (platelet rich plasma) into my hip.  After two weeks I could feel improvement in my hip.  It has been about six weeks since the injections and I am pain free!!!  My quality of life has returned.  I am riding my bike again, mowing the lawn, and doing all the things I haven’t been able to do for a year, and doing them pain free.  I couldn’t be happier.  I recommend anyone who is suffering from pain to go see Dr. Hughes.  He is great!*
Joan- Grand Junction, Colorado

I want to thank Dr. Hughes for several things that have helped me both physically and mentally. I had cancer, osteoporosis, degenerative bone disease, degenerative nervous system, and arthritis in my neck, lower back and knees. The compassion that you have surpasses any other I have encountered.* Mike - Aspen, Colorado

I can’t believe I’m snowboarding and skating already! I had intense knee pain that kept me from my sports and sleeping for months. I was told the only way to fix it was to have surgery. Lucky for me, a friend recommended Dr. Hughes for another opinion. His confidence encouraged me and three days after my first session with him I began sleeping through the night and skating again without pain. Thanks again Dr. Hughes.* Chris - Carbondale, Colorado

All that Dr. John Hughes told me to do before and after my mastectomy made me heal faster and make my body stronger. People could not believe I bounced back from this massive surgery so fast.* Virginia - Grand Junction, Colorado

I am happy to report that the Prolotherapy worked amazingly. I have not experienced the horrible pain I was having in my back since the pain from the actual injections subsided. I appreciate your continued help, without your office’s treatments, I don’t think I would be healing nearly this well!* Kristina - Dillon, Colorado

I started to see Dr. Hughes for my chronic low back pain. After having prolotherapy injections to help strengthen my ligaments, my pain is gone and my quality of life greatly iimproved. When I was diagnosed with a neuroma in my foot, I proceeded to have surgery. Much to my dismay the pain continued in my foot, though it was not the same pain, it was inhibiting my activity none the less. The doctor I had been seeing recommended a cortisone shot which I did but got little relief. After having had such great success with my back, I went to see Dr Hughes for my foot. He proceeded to give me an injection to help breakup the scar tissue that had developed. I will not tell you it did not hurt because it did, but within a couple of weeks the pain was gone. I am able to be barefoot again and wear my shoes without pain, something I had not been able to do in over a year. I will not hesitate to go see Dr Hughes, his approach to medicine and pain management far exceeded my expectations.* Barb -Basalt, Colorado

I lost mobility, use, and strength in my left shoulder for about a year.  With the help of Dr. John Hughes, D.O. and David Nickamin, (L.M.T), I am now back to almost 100%.*

Gil - Carbondale, Colorado

After working with multiple doctors who could only manage my chronic neck pain, it was a relief to find Dr. Hughes and his unique approach to healing. He addresses the root cause of pain and has helped strengthen and heal my neck from the inside out. Thank you, Dr. Hughes!* Gretchen - Washington, D.C.